Tech N Specs

Rated to Cyclonic Events - 249 kms p/h

Industry leading 610 gsm m2, UV stabilized, Ripstop, PVC covers and certainly not 280gsm polyethylene or heavy box tubing used! We insist on using hot dipped, galvanized, rolled structural steel (Q235) to provide many years of hassle free protection from our harsh Kiwi conditions!

10 Year Warranty - Industry Leading

Industry leading FULL & COMPREHENSIVE, 10 Year warranty providing FREE replacement of any faulty part/s for 10 years from the date of purchase - that's peace of mind for you and confidence in our shelters. Subject only to being installed as per instructions and minimal maintenance - EASY!

Stock Deliverable anywhere in Australia

We maintain large volumes of stock and our most standard models available for delivery within 7 working days from payment.Every Container Shelter is specifically manufactured to provide the ultimate protection that you require! READY to GO!

Installation Team Available On Request

We have a network of experienced install teams or supervisors available on request, or can assign an experienced supervisor to oversee and manage your team for any installation.

No Tuffspan (PE) covers used here!

We are proudly "The Heavy Weights" in the industry which is why we only use industry leading, fire retardant, Rip Stop, 610gsm, UV stabilised, PVC covers with optional end walls - the same material chosen by truckies and international transport companies and as specified for The Cloud in Auckland. Wouldn't you prefer the strongest cover available for less than other companies charge for their lightweight PE covers? Our Rip Stop PVC covers cost us significantly more than we could buy lightweight PE covers! It's worth it because tensile tests show PVC is significantly stronger, stretches 7 times less and lasts longer than the other lightweight materials on offer when continually exposed to the heavy demands and constant high wind/snow loads with large variant weather pressures and events. Lightweight 280gsm PE or Tuffspan (PE) polyethylene material is not used by us, on The Cloud or for truck curtains for very sensible reasons

Rolled Steel“fast mount beam”Box Steel?

An easy question to answer with another question. Why are all high pressure, gas cylinders round? Being round distributes the load evenly throughout the entire steel structure and therefore handle significantly higher loads and pressures than similar gauge box steel. We only use heavy gauge, rolled (round) structural steel portals and purlins because we demand our structures will not fail under loads, and we will not compromise on quality for the sake of cheaper box section steel. Each portal is mounted to a pre-welded spigot and galvanised base plate because that’s simply the strongest mounting method. Using this method provides a superior tensioning method which in turn, then allows for the equal and constant distribution of stress loadings over the entire area of our heavy weight PVC covers.

These are the reasons why our Heavy Duty Container Shelters are manufactured and certified to meet and comply with AUS/NZS 1170.2:2011 wind load ratings (“C” cyclonic) 249kms p/h.

Other companies can’t compete with our product knowledge, strength of product, quality and prices so their salesman will often use “smoke and mirrors” that can be misleading to the public when searching for the real facts. We urge you to compare
because the deeper you look, the more you’ll learn that Container Shelters use more rolled steel portals and purlins combined with the industry’s best covers!

PVC vs PE (Polyethylene) Tensile Test Results

Below are independent laboratory test results showing that PVC's tensile strength is more than double that of PE - with more than twice the elasticity. Also note that PE stretched nearly 7 times more than PVC before tearing.

Specimen IDElasticity (MPa) calculated from strain 0.05 to 0.25%Tensile Strength (MPa)Elongation at Break (%)


1. Container Shelters PVC covers have more than twice the tensile strength than PE covers.
2. Container Shelters PVC covers have more than twice the elasticity than PE covers.
3. Container Shelters PVC covers stretch approximately 7 times less than PE covers.
4. Container Shelters PVC covers are THE BEST IN THE INDUSTRY - WITHOUT A DOUBT!

4 Very Important Questions to Answer Before You Buy!

  • 1) Is your quote for hot dip galavanised and rolled, structural steel or box section steel?
  • 2) Is the cover 610gsm, UV stabilised and bonded PVC (same as truck curtains) or only 280gsm polyethylene?
  • 3) Is the shelter certified and rated to 249kms p/h within AUS/NZS 1170.2:2011 wind load ratings?
  • 4) Does the supplier hold parts in stock in Australia?

Don't be mislead with slick sales talk and "smoke and mirrors"!